Stephen MaDaio - Ripped off on Ebay

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I purchased a 09 Macbook on Ebay from Stephen MaDaiosigns n wonders,for 579$.Mr MaDaio owns Comage graphics in Sutton Ma.

This had to be an old laptop he used for business. April 26 2013 was the date of purchase.4 weeks later the laptop would freeze from time to time, but I could always reboot it. 6 weeks from the date of purchase the thing was dead. Blank screen, nothing.

I gave this unit to my tech to check it out. When my tech told me the LOGIC BOARD WAS NO GOOD AND IT WILL COST 400$ TO FIX,I flipped out. But with that I contacted mister MaDaio and asked for half my money back. I would take a lost and try to fix this.

Mister Stephen MaDaio told me to sell it for parts, "SOMETIMES YOU WIN SOMETIMES YOU LOSE" WAS HIS FINAL RESPONSE. He block me form further comment and now I am convinced he knew this was on its way out.

6 WEEKS FOR A LAPTOP TO LAST AT THE PRICE OF 579$ NO WAY.Because it was past 45 days, Ebay will do nothing.

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Used computers :( when you buy one there is NO WAY to know how long it will last.The seller does not have a crystal ball.

Parts can fail at any time. Most sellers offer 14 day warranty, some 30 days.

If you expect more than that buy new.Apple gives a 1 year limited warranty and for a few hundred you can extend it to 3 years.

Mamaroneck, New York, United States #672054

Computers break, it happens.You had it for 6 weeks.

Why in the world does that make it HIS responsibility?More than likely he had no idea of a "motherboard" issue prior to sale.

to stlrsfan Boston, Massachusetts, United States #672079

So you think 6 weeks for 579$ in perfectly fine. His add stated like new.Let it happen to you and see how you feel. I would help out, not you I guess.

to Anonymous Mamaroneck, New York, United States #672083

I wouldn't be pleased, but I would understand that computers break/die.I've been fixing computers for about 25 years now.

I have purchased a brand new one myself only to have it die in a couple of days.But I'm also smart enough to purchase with guarantees and warranties, and from established companies, not Ebay.

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